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Serving the Soul: a Personal Call

"Of course, when I see that the quality of my patients' experiences suggests representation, I encourage them, because I have learned through long experience--about fourteen years--when to encourage the people to whom it is useful. It helps them to concretize inner events. For most people are suffering from the prejudice that they are not real because they cannot be handled, or even talked about in a logical way. In such a case the drawing is invaluable. It is there in reality as if painted on the wall; they begin to think that it does exist" (Jung, 1997, p. 4)

In this process the ontological reality of the soul is met with the realization of the soul's images in art. Jung recurringly used art as a way to remember hidden memories (crytomnesia). For example, Jung (1961)  explained: "Since I did not understand this dream-image, I painted it in order to impress it upon my memory" (p. 183).

"There are many thoughts which cannot be thought clearly; and there are many inner experiences  which are apparent only to the inner eye or heart--whatever you like to call that organ." C. G. Jung

Impressing the Image



Reimagining the Image



Rethinking the Image


 “One of the reasons why I let people make drawings is that it helps their imagination. The picture in a dream leaves rather a fleeting impression which soon vanishes, but when you make a drawing of it, it remains in your mind or in your field of vision, and that gives you a chance at more associations, more context." C. G. Jung


Dream Visions

The Red Book 

Creation of The Red Book

Make Real

Inner Journey


"A drawing of a dream content makes no claim to be art, it is simply an aid; it is the making of a diagram to explain a subject; it is a sort of visualization of your thoughts" C. G. Jung
Stimulate Images

Activate Images

Activate Yourself

Picture Method

Picture Series

Painted Process

Stimulating Imagination

Activate Yourself

Active Image

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 
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