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ART-BASED RESEARCH   Bringing Visions to Life

“In such a case the drawing is invaluable. It concretizes; it makes a statement so that other people can see it. It is there in reality as if painted on the wall” (p. 4). “One of the reasons why I let people make drawings is that it helps their imagination. The picture in a dream leaves rather a fleeting impression which soon vanishes, but when you make a drawing of it, it remains in your mind or in your field of vision, and that gives you a chance at more associations, more context” (p. 38). This process brings the vision to life and teaches through the images and the collective wisdom of the unconscious, putting together the pieces into a whole.

“Paintings are but research and experiment. I never do a painting as a work of art, All of them are researches.”

Pablo Picasso

The Red Book is "perhaps the best-known example of art-based research" Shaun McNiff

Creative Wisdom
Higher and Collective

Species Perspective

Universal Perspective

Through Image

Through the Picture Method

Picture series

Maternally Creative

Realm of the Mothers

Mother Nature

 “I cannot possibly picture to you the extent to which these discoveries change a patient's standpoint and values, how they shift the center of gravity of the personality." 
C. G. Jung
The Liberation of 

Creative Freedom

Remembering Art as Knowledge

Imaginal Insight as Gnosis

Viewing with a Psychological Lens

Animating Presence

"The patient can make himself creatively independent by this [art-based]method"
C. G. Jung
Free of Morbid Dependence

New Trust

Recognize the

A New Orbit

Beyond the Mere Execution

Moral Integrity

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"In everyone some king of artist is hiding...In our mechanized world this urge for artistic creation is repressed by the one-sided work of the day and is very often the cause of psychic disturbances." C JUNG 
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