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EXAMPLES   the Primitive or Primordial Anima as a guide into the unconscious images.

The Soul of The Red Book was described repeatedly by Jung (1961) as the soul "in the primitive sense" (p. 186).  This primitive soul is the guide in our process--an ancient being that is the archetype of life itself. The animus, or anima, is felt by the primitive [again Jung's term for primordial or original humanity or who Jung identified as Adam and Eve] or by an unprejudiced man who does not think intellectually, as a most powerful presence--like a daemon or a God. So one could say that a god began to play in her, and therefore she had to stop. But in using the word god, I may arouse prejudice, for I am not using it in a particularly favorable sense--if you understand the word rightly, in the antique sense, it means a power." (Jung, 1997, p. 13)

"People with such a one-sided development of their thinking function have on the other side an inferior feeling function, because feeling is opposite to thinking. The feeling is then archaic and has all the advantages and disadvantages of an archaic function. The inferior function is generally characterized by traits of primitive psychology--above all by participation mystique--that is, it makes one peculiarly identical with other people or with other situations" (Jung, 1997, p. 6)

"We are as primitive as that. So in order to hold an inner experience, it is almost a necessity for certain people to see it expressed in external physical form [art]. That is such an important point that one really might be tempted to call it a method." C. G. Jung
Pay Your Soul

Look Deep


Precious Book



Pay Charon

Safe Passage


 “For to people who are incapable of seeing things as they really are, the lesser truth is more favourable because it is easier to understand, a greater admixture of error is needed to make them able to grasp it; one has to use examples or analogies which distort the truth in order to make the truth accessible" C. G. Jung


A Different Thought

Fantasy Thinking

A Different Path

Lead the WAY

A Different Approach

Creative Rhyzome

"You should not begin at those abstract ideas of functions and archetypes; in order to have a correct idea of its nature, you should begin at the very simple idea of ghosts, or the souls of objects, say or thought forms." C. G. Jung
Soul Images

Animated Objects



Animated Vessel


Art Images

Manifest Objects


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 
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