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LOVERS   An Eternal Love Affair

Seeing through a myth and a metaphor of the alchemical Coniunctio of Spirit and Matter. Whether the inner psychological feminine and masculine of the anima and animus or their mythic embodiment in Eve and Adam, this process is about the reconciliation of opposites in a lover’s embrace. In this love affair we are both figures or halves, united within ourselves.


As Jung (1923) said: “When you can establish a communication between yourself and your other side, you begin a certain development” (p. 31) and then “the anima begins to function properly, and you begin to find that the anima has certain qualities behind her, and you can learn of her power” and “the content of the collective unconscious” (p. 31). Thus “the anima becomes less and less a personification, she becomes a function” (p. 31). By “achieving this connection with the soul figure, you become the ruler of your fate” (p. 31). But to do this you must unite fully with your soul to realize, like Jung (2009) in his crowning achievement, that “love never ends” (p. 441).

Lover's Embrace
Hieros Gamos

Sacred Marriage



King and Queen



Return to Eden


 “It is questionable whether the union of animus and anima can be described as a unio mystica. The only certain thing is that hieros gamos is a mythological parallel. The unio mytica is more a dissolution of the ego in the divine Ground--a very different experience." C. G. Jung


Anima and Animus

Feminine and Masculine

Yin and Yang

Lovers Embrace

Reconciliation of Opposites

Eros and Logos

Old Adam and Eve

First Parents

First People

"Only through objective cognition is the real coniunctio possible." C. G. Jung
Reach Out to Opposite

Pairs of opposites

Hold Hands

Take Two on Duality

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Eyes Opened

Inner Orientation

Not Essentialist

Not Hetero-Normative

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 
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