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SOUL   Your Symbol and Expression

At the outset of The Red Book Jung (2009) called out for his soul, “I am weary, my soul, my wandering has lasted too long, my search for myself outside of myself” (p. 130). Recognizing that he had lost his soul, he admitted: “I did not consider that my soul cannot be the object of my judgement and knowledge; much more are my judgement and knowledge the objects of my soul. Therefore the spirit of the depths forced me to speak to my soul, to call upon her as a living self-existing being. I had to become aware that I had lost my soul” (pp. 128-129). Like Jung, who embodied his soul in images and what she called art, in this art-based process you will learn “to speak to” your “soul as to something far off and unknown” which you do “not exist through, but through whom” you exist (p. 129)

You get to remember and embody your soul, declaring as Jung: “Oh, that you must speak through me that my speech and I are your symbol and expression” (p. 131). Given what Jung called the “primitive” or primordial nature of the feminine soul, this art-based path, as he called it, will lead back to the Garden and to Eden through the dark night of the soul.

The soul is perennial and ancient, and she is alchemical, declaring: “I bind the Above and the Below. I bind God and animal. Something in me is part animal, something part God and a third part human” (p. 577). She breaks “down into three parts” including the “serpent” or animal soul, the “human soul,” and the “celestial soul” or dove (p. 577).

Serving the Anima Mundi
Finding Soul

Collective Soul

Individual Soul

Your soul

What is Your Connection?

Deepening Contact

What She Does

Mediating Opposites

Tension to Resolution

 “Psyche (soul) is part of the inmost mystery of life, and it has its own peculiar structure and form like every other organism." C. G. Jung 


Learn to See the Soul in the World

Look and Listen


Activating the Image

Doing the Soul's Work


Explore the Map of the Soul

Terrain of Essence


"My friends, it is wise to nourish the soul." C. G. Jung
What Feeds Your Soul?

Soul Food

The Soul's New Religion

A Gnostic bible

A Servant of the Soul


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 
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