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IMAGINE   See Through the I of Imagination

Jung (1997) spoke of Christiana Morgan’s art depicting an illuminated manuscript and created by applying his art-based methodology from The Red Book: “Yes, and it also means images, illustration; that book contains pictures which demonstrate things in a simple way, speaking to the eyes, to the senses."


"Such pictures come up quite naturally from the unconscious, from the nature within as well as the nature without. They are not directed thoughts or abstract constructions by a purposeful mind, they are revelations of nature. As this woman [Morgan] pictures of her visions are also filled with the revelations of nature and not with purposeful conscious thought” (p. 682). Imaginal research reflects this multisensory perception of images." Jung

Revelations of Nature
Imagination as Instinct

Reclaiming Creation

Art as Revelation

Natural Vision

Seeing Beneath

Creation as Liberation

Realizing Insight


 “Intuition is not mere perception, or vision, but an active creative process."
C. G. Jung


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Activating Insight

Beyond the Retina

New Insight

Art Facilitates Sight

Creating Reality


Uncovering Layers

Hidden Brushstrokes

Picture Method

"The world is but a canvas for our imagination."Henry David Thoreau
Dream Knowledge

Active Imagination

Imaginal Revolution

Image Renaissance

Imaginal History

Prehistoric Sight

"This life's dim windows of the soul Distorts the heavens from pole to pole And leads yo to believe a lie When you see with, not through the EYE." William Blake 
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