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EYES   Seeing Through the Eyes of Consciousness

Jung (1997) used different language for the eyes, using the terms eye of consciousness, eye of the background, and creative or illumining eye which Jung said “is in everybody, is the same everywhere, because that creative point of Shiva bindu is the world” (p. 307).


In viewing art, the third eye combines “the two eyes as the male and female eye, the male eye being identified with the sun, and the female eye, the left eye, with the moon.” (p. 309).  Combining the eye of the unconscious and conscious, of the night and day, the eyes connect with the right and left hemisphere of the brain to see the whole picture.

The Sun and the Moon
Lunar Unconscious

Looking Back to Prehistory

right hemisphere

Synthesizing Consciousness

Uniting the left and right

feminine and masculine

Solar Consciousness

Looking Forward to Eternity

left hemisphere

 The ajni center or third eye was the "Great Self," "Golden Seed," and "Orphic Egg," and the "highest corporeal center" associated with knowledge. C. G. Jung


Transcendent Sight

Great Self

Expanded Imagination

Golden Seed

Creative Insight

Orphic Egg

"the subjective factor of perception: you lose yourself in merely subjective fantasy, or your come into the heart of God."
C. G. Jung
White Eye of Horus

Summer Sun

God's Eye

All Seeing

Black Eye

Winter Sun

"Thou hast in thy soul two eyes, which are set together back to back: the one looketh to eternity, the other looketh backward into nature." JacobBeohme 
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