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EXPLORING   A soul's calling and an honor

Vision is the guiding impulse of Jung's art-based process which was described as a vision-making function and a new psychology of vision. Jung studied different traditions to induce hypnogogic visions between sleeping and waking--without drugs. This was a transformative process of individuation akin to what Jung saw as a mescalin trip and it is a psychoactive journey that follows a Shamanic path similar to the induction of drugs. 

The Red Book editor Sonu Shamdasani (2009) described Jung's visionary process as "dramatized thinking in pictorial form" (p. 23). Jung likewise taught his patients to induce visions and paint them in painted books like his Red Book. This visionary art, as Jung coined the term, focused on visions as a form of insight and symbols which could hold the content of the unconscious and the images of the soul. All of the art of The Red Book was visionary art and all of the art created in accordance with this process is visionary. 

A Vision Quest
Without Vision

People Perish


Finding Your Way

Your Self

Your Soul

With Vision

People Live


 "They [visions] are more than dreams because they represent the mixing and fusing of the conscious with the unconscious. This is the solution of the opposites, the middle way that all great philosophers have known. Through this you can find direction. You can find the way." C. G. Jung


Edenic Vision

Envisioning Home

Mother Nature


Serpent Guide

Winged Serpent

"Of course it [visioning and visionary art] tires you because you are doing a terrific piece of creative work. You are creating yourself by this. You are creating the moral solution for yourself. Go on ... follow along with them and soon they will bring you to the fitting form of your unconscious." C. G. Jung 
Hard Work

Ethics of Honesty

Ever On

Fitting Form

Ritual Gratitude


Moral Solution

Ethics of Sin


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 
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