EVE   The "Life Breath"

Jung’s soul identified with Eve in The Red Book and the artist Christiana Morgan (1997) was an Eve like figure who said of her art-based “vision of what it meant to be a woman conscious of her own self” that,  “I must be mother and that nothing will ever stand between me and the forces which are around me—that I will be eternally alone—looking at these naked things [the visions] always unprotected, and then measuring them to the capacity of these several individuals—veiling them and transforming these things that I see to meet the needs of each one—while I see them in the raw. I have the feeling that this may be the real awakening consciousness of woman” (p. xxxiii). In ways this art-based methodology can be seen as a return to Eve and her embodied art-based knowledge.

Evening of the Soul
Sacred Night

Egyptian Darkness

Close Eyes

Who was She

Fallen Woman

Night of Soul



 Of the story of Adam and Eve: "This story yields itself meaning only to a psychological interpretation." C. G. Jung


Return to Nature


Well-Watered Land


Return to Relationship


Jung singled out the sexuality of Eve as a primary repression in which creativity is not acceptable but procreativity is.
Eve as Initiator


Adam and Eve


Soul as Initiator


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG