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WHAT IS YOUR MYTH   A New Lived Mythology

Jung (1997): “We must read the bible or we shall not know psychology. We must read the Bible or we shall not understand psychology. Our psychology, whole lives, our language and imagery are built upon the Bible” (p. 156). Jung spoke of “the matrix of a mythopoeic imagination which has vanished from our rational age” (p. 188) and of the need to discover his “own myth” (p. 175). In the beginning of The Red Book Jung (1961) thought “Now you possess a key to mythology and are free to unlock all the gates of the unconscious psyche”  and yet he asked himself, “do we no longer have any myth?” answering no but wondering “But  then what is your myth—the myth in which you do live?” (p. 171).

"Now you possess a key to mythology and are free to unlock all the gates of the unconscious psyche." C. G. Jung
Unlock the Gate




Myth Making


Unlock the Past



 “But in what myth does man live nowadays? In the Christian myth, the answer might be, 'Do you live in it?' I asked myself. To be honest, the answer was no. . . 'Then do we no longer have any myth? N'No evidently we no longer have any myth.' 'But then what is your myth--the myth in which you do live?'" C. G. Jung


Mythic Hero


Create Your Myth

Paint Your Myth

Mythic Heroine


In The Red Book Jung found his myth: 
A Personal Myth

Mythic Origins

Joseph Campbell

Many Faces Unconscious

A Collective Myth

Mythic Origins

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"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." C JUNG 
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