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Come Transform

With courses throughout the year
Programs offer: a greater sense of your unique power, purpose, and potential, giving you a deeper connection to yourself, family, community, and world. All offerings include online material hosted at our school on the number one international learning platform known for its innovative social learning style. The school is interactive and community-based, including a safe and private internal social-media community forum as well as dynamic video and sharing capacities in real time. Archived material allows you to return over a year and take your timeLook at the four different options below and stay tuned for more. The school is launching soon.
different Offerings . . .
Gifts are free or low cost programs designed to support you with coping skills, nature activities, creative techniques, art journaling, self-assessment, self-care, and more. These will be sent to people who sign up and posted online for free.

Circles are weekly gatherings where we come together (on the land and zoom) for talks that follow a pattern: week 1. interactive CP presentation on a monthly theme; 2 a guest lecture; 3 an open circle for emergent sharing and support; 4 and a circle in nature where we gather and interact with the natural world to reflect and receive insight and healing.  

Kits are online offerings that lead you through individual, partner, family, and group rites of passage when and where you want. Kits are flexible, covering transitions from coming of age to overcoming disease with minimal  guidance. 
Passages offer a 5-7 day wilderness rite of passage (5 days for youth age 14-18 and 7 for young adults and adults) in deep nature. Each participant will get to make a necklace or rattle. The rite of passage comes with access to the kit material and a 3 month drop in circle as well as an individual session at the beginning and end (for the individual, family, or group). This is a direct experience with guides, other participants, and the land. More details are provided at the Open House. To begin with we are offering 3 ROP with limited spots. We follow safety protocols. ROPs are SAFE. 

Retreats offer a chance to drop in and drop deep at a nature sanctuary in Olympia for a day or weekend.
CIRCLES. Weekly drop in gatherings that are both zoom and in-person, beginning in October
1.  A theme-driven circle held by Buck, Jordan, and Heather on the land in Olympia. See schedule . . . 
2. An in-person weekly support circle: Parents and Teens, 
3. A guest zoom speaker. Usually Saturday evening, the talk responds to current need and community request. 
4.  A circle of support designed for emergent content based on the question: what do you need support with now. This is an in-person offering held in either a large space or on the land, weather dependent. Saturday 1-3:00 pm.

Schedule: Our first talk (after the Open House and Webinar) is on the tradition of the Medicine Wheel and how nature can be a source of healing, mirroring, and medicine throughout our life on July 11th.
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KITS. Start when you want and go at your pace. *KITS are available beginning in JULY and are $95

Coming Out of the Pandemic KIT.

A kit to support you as you come through the pandemic and back into your life. This is a rite of passage kit designed to help people separate from the past, mining it for lessons learned and grieving opportunities and people lost. Then you are led through the stages of transformation and integration to envision your future.

Individual ROP KIT.

A rite of passage kit that guides individuals from one identity, perspective, and life stage into another. Moving through the stages of separation, transformation, and integration, you design and undergo your own rite of passage, processing the past to move forward more fully into the future in your own way. This is an experience that fosters greater honesty, authenticity, resiliency, and stability.

Partner, Family, or Group Passage KIT. 

A rite of passage kit designed for couples, families, and groups to go through together. Like the Individual Passage, it guides you from one identity, perspective, and life stage into another but it does so both as individuals and a group. With built in time alone and in group, this offering guides you from one stage and state of consciousness to another as you deepen your relationships.

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Healing & Grieving KIT 

This is a rite of passage kit designed for people undergoing a healing journey. Inspired by Heather's healing journey through cancer, the kit can be taken by people healing from any disease. It is also designed to support both the individual in their journey and their family. ​While this is a healing passage, it is as much about wholeness and inner wounds more than curing disease. The results can help heal participants, both inside and out with real benefits. 

Hero's Journey KIT.

A kit that takes the rite of passage and translates it into the archetypal hero or heroine's journey to view your life as a personal myth. Using the metaphor of a heroic journey, you are guided through a process of self-assessment, understanding, resilience, and empowerment. 


Coming next August

1. Teens (14-18)              Find yourself and way 

(5 days in wilderness)

2. Young Adults (18-25)          Claim your power 

(7 days in wilderness)

3. Adult Offering (21 +)         Rediscovering your purpose, and wholeness (7 days in wilderness)


Each PASSAGE includes this optional support:

·         Circle Gathering and Ritual for the participant (and family if young)

·         Access to the online ROP kit to support you when and if you need it

·         Guidance in creating your own rite of passage ceremony and practice

·         5-7 day rite of passage in deep wilderness

·         Mirroring for Intention and Empowerment Practice

·         Follow up in person Circle and online support after the rite of passage

·         A necklace or rattle-making workshop to hold your vision/name/purpose

·         Honoring and Claiming Activity

·         Ongoing Journal practice

·         Ongoing Power Partner practice

·         Closing Circle and Ceremony

Continued monthly drop in circles for 6 months and a returning rate for future ROP

While the ROP offerings vary, they are all designed to hold you as you move away from your old life into your new life, moving into greater intimacy, integrity and authenticity.

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